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Peaceful Civilian Nuclear Energy Means Monitoring and Money-Making

Mehrunisa Qayyum Founder, PITAPOLICY Consulting With or without a handshake between the U.S. and Iran, there is a “strategic advantage”, satirized The Daily Show in this clip. All physical activity will be monitored, stressed President Obama [...]

A ‘Cold War 2.0’ playing out in the Middle East

By ARIEL BEN SOLOMON Wed, 04 Nov 2015, 06:08 AM Photo by: Courtesy Putin’s government tries to establish a security belt stretching from Iraq to the Mediterranean, expert tells the “Post.” The US is facing a “Cold War 2.0” against Russia [...]

The new Trudeau’s new Canada

By Mark Entwistle and Ulf Gartzke This week marks Canada’s first change of government in nearly a decade, following the unexpectedly large victory of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in mid-October’s general election. To understand [...]

Cold War Part Two: the West’s missed opportunity

By Claude Salhani The geopolitical situation in the greater Middle East is without question at its most precarious point in the modern history of the region, with such savagery not seen since the days of the [...]