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Western Options in a Muslim Battle of Ideas

BY MATTHEW BRYZA Each act of terrorism prompts confusion and fear on both sides of the Atlantic. Television reports following each new attack are ritualized: policymakers condemn terrorists’ “cowardice” and “barbarism” but offer no policy antidote [...]

Terrorism experts say Islamic State is ‘almost certainly’ behind the Paris attacks

THE terror that gripped Paris overnight could be repeated in Australia, security experts have warned. Deakin University’s Professor Greg Barton said the ability of extremist groups to transform young men into ruthless killers posed a growing [...]

Paris attacks: Counter-terrorism experts warn of copycat attacks following atrocities

Counter-terrorism experts are warning that the multiple, simultaneous attacks in Paris on Friday night could inspire copycat acts around the Western world including Australia. Commentators have said authorities need to be on alert after the attackers went [...]